For advice please, should I put in more effort? Friend or something more?

I just popped the question the other day and told her that I hold a torch for her but she said that, Lets know each other well enough.

After my declaration, we still text each other from morning till sleep time. She’s not shy in sharing her problems with me and even told me that she ready for another relationship. She would proactive initiate text messages on the days that I did not message her; include flirting emotion-icons such as wink, love, kiss, blushing and etc. I have asked her out next week and following week, she acknowledged and accepted it.

Is she trying to play hard to get or am I friend-zoned? Should I put in more effort to get her or just sit my way through as she think that we can only be friends?

For advice please, thanks


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  • You're friend zoned

    She's not romantically into you


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