If he is a player, what to do in this situation to look like catch?

One guy I have went out on a date for almost 10 times had cancelled 3 dates on me already. First 2 time because of a job (he had to turn his paper on Friday, so he cancelled on me on Wednesday)..but the last time it was because he was partying on Saturday night he could not see me on Sunday night.. that was simply to much for me! I should say that he tells me that when I call him to see at what time exactly we will meet because he likes to keep that open..

Now, since cancelling has become our dating routine, I do not want to give him another chance to cancel on me so I could say that was not nice of him to do.. but I also do not want to do the same to him.. what should I do? He sent me sms asking me am I angry because of something because we have not heard or texted for a week..




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  • Honestly forget about this guy and move on. Cancelling should never become a 'dating routine'! That is not how people treat each other that care! If you want to be the 'coach' then just ignore him completely. Wait until you find a guy who genuinely cares about you :) And for the record, just because a guy goes out on Saturday night is noo excuse to not see you on Sunday night unless he is lazy. And you don't want to be with a guy that can't even get off his ass to see you.

    Hope that helped :)

    • I know.. you know how a girl in love finds a way to justife his actions no matter how ugly they may be. I told him it bothers me when he cancels date because he is wasting my time. He said he is sorry, he does not like to plan his time (!) and so on.. I feel much better now that I told him. He sent me sms last night, saying I must be mad at him for some reason since I haven't called him in a few days. We didn't broke up. I don' t know where we are now.