Why does he snapchat me, but respond to my text later?

We'll be texting and sometimes he takes a while to respond (like a hour or two) but sometimes I won't get a response, but I'll get a snap chat .. I don't know if he's sending a snapchat to multiple people (not just me) or if he's sending it specifically to me. It seems weird to me haha. If I don't snapchat back, he'll text back in an hour or so. Yesterday he sent me a snapchat, then a text, then a snapchat again. I don't really like snapchatting, so I'd rather not respond if I don't have to, like if he's sending the same one to other girls too. You can also tell whose people send snapchats to the most, and there's 2 girls above my name, So I know he obviously speaks to them too. Sounds immature, but I'm just curious.


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  • He just wants to talk to you