What would you do if a girl you liked wasn't responding after you blew her off?

I've been talking to this guy for almost 2 months via text. We met at a party last year, he's a friend of a friend but we kind of lost touch but started talking again. We texted a lot, basically everyday morning til night, but he never really asked me to hangout. We finally hungout together 2 weekends ago and had a blast, I invited him to a friends party. He said he had a great time. Well we texted a little during the week following that then Friday night he asked me to hangout the next day, he gave me a time and place, and told me he'd give me details the next day. Next day rolls around, and I don't hear from him at all, and I felt really hurt that he blew me off. The next morning he texts me apologizing that something came up and his phone died. His phone was obviously not dead all day/night. So yea, I ignored him because he hurt me. I figured if he really cared he would continue to text me and see what's going on. It's been 2 day days and he hasn't texted me, but he sent me 2 snapchats last night, one saying what's up? I haven't responded. I just really liked him and want to know if he feels the same way that's why I'm not responding to him unless he texts me again, I want to see if he really cares enough. Am I doing the right thing here? What would you do if a girl you liked wasn't responding after you blew her off?


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  • That happened to me too. I totally understand its rude and he shouldn't get away with it. I didn't text him back either I waited till he texted me but your friend atcually apologized so I guess its kinda better. I would just text him back. At least he apologized. If it happens again that's when you should just drop him because if you not worth his time he's obviously not worth yours.

    • how would I even go about texting back, it'll be 3 days tomorrow?

    • Just text him something like hey its alright I have been busy lately too so he thinks the reason why you didn't text him is because you were busy. Don't let him know it bothered you much. You guys arnt even dating to my understandings and he apologized so its not the big of a deal. But I get it were girls we overreact. I'm also guilty for that a lot it would be different if he didn't apologize I would say let him go but he did and it would be worse if you were in a committed relatioship but your not