What are some cool date ideas? I want to make this first date memorable.

So, ladies, what would your ideal date be? I already have scheduled a dinner, but I wanna do something fun or entertaining after that and make a really good impression on her. The problem is that my hometown doesn't have a lot to do. I was thinking an open mic night at a music club downtown would be fun, but does anyone else have any ideas? Guys and girls opinions would be great.

By the way...anything sexual is off the table.


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  • Here are some fun ideas:

    - Making dinner together. Maybe something as simple as a pizza? That way, you'll get to know each others' tastes.

    - Farmer's Market. Find your nearest one and walk around then perhaps get lunch later.

    - Outdoor festivals that have live music and allow for people watching.

    - Comedy clubs

    Those are just some ideas to throw your way! :)

    • Thanks, I love all those ideas. The problem is the closest away for any of those is about 2 hours. Great input though!

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  • sex, consensual or otherwise.