What's going on? Is this a flop for real?


So I met this girl online, and we had so much in common, she gave me her number let's on thurs, Friday we texted each other and talked on the phone for one and half hour, I asked if she was free on the weekend, (to take her out), she was working both days. We chatted, and she called a few times, she seemed very interested. On Sunday we made a deal to meet up wednes(I may have said I'll call you), the Monday went buy and I didn't contacted her, because I didn't have to say much and didn't want to bother her. The Tuesday early morning I texted her sweet message, she didn't reply. I called later Tuesday night she didn't answer, left a voice mail. Haven't received any reply yet. Hopefully she will contact me Wednesday morning. Do you think she flopped on me? Why would she do that, after showing interest in me, flirting on the phone and she seemed really nice.


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  • maybe because you madn't contacted her she thought you'd lost interest? that by the time you got round to contacting her again saying something sweet she just thought it was bulsh*t? Girls are really sensitive and mostly insecure and if I'd arranged to see someone I'd want them to talk to me up to that day. As for the date, I would say still go because the only way you'll realize if she hasn't turned up is if you're there but if she's more than two hours late she's lost interest. It could be because she's a bitch who knows, but you'll know its time to move on. hope this helped

    • we didn't really set a place, we were suppose to talk and figure, where will we go from there!

    • Trust me, more or less the same thing has happened to me recently except with a guy, if she's not making any effort anymore then you shouldn't either. If you've already tried calling her and rtexting her and she hasn't responded just try to move on because she's either lost interested or found someone who doesn't care as much as you. So either way it's her loss. The best thing to do is just forget about her now, sorry :(

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  • It could be anything. Problems with her phone, THAT busy, traumatic event happened, forgot (yeah some people really forget they made plans with people), passive aggressive and making you wait, realized she's not that interested and too afraid to confront, etc. You really won't know until she talks to you again.

    • Thanks, but I don't think I'll talk to her again, if she flops without even telling me, if I get work off for her!

  • It could be anything


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