Did I go too far with my friend?

I was texting with this girl, who is a friend of mine but definitely not so close, I asked her how she was doing and she told me she was a little sad for something happened recently.

Then I texted her back: “I’m sorry. I’m here if you need to talk”, just trying to be nice and because I really care about her, and she only replied: “I know”.

What do you think? Honestly she seemed a bit annoyed by my last message. I would have expected at least a “thank you” or a smiley, even if she didn’t intend to talk with me about her problems.

Did I write something inappropriate?

And now what I need to do if I'll not hear from her for a while? Wait a couple of days and then ask her again if she feel better or keep waiting for a sign from her?


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  • i think the "just trying to be nice" sounds a bit offputing. it's like saying you look bad in those close, just trying to be nice... but overall what you said is fine and her response seemed like that of a person who is appreciating the offer but I don't think she NEEDED to say thanks or smile.

    i think you are really pressing and thinking to hard. you aren't close (as you said) so just give her space. if you aren't close you don't want to crowd her world or seem intrusive

  • You are trying to get context from words on a screen. That is never a good idea. Wait to hear from her. You didn't do anything inappropriate.

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