When do you expect a girl to reciprocate interest?

I'm in college and over the past two weeks I've gone on a couple casual dates with this girl. She's rather introverted so I figured I would have totake things slowly. The first date went well and the second was OK, but cut short because we were both busy that day.

I realize that not much has happened between us, but I'm a little concerned that she hasn't shown much outward interest in me. When I text her she responds, but never initiates conversations.

She seemed engaged in our in-person conversations, but hasn't given me any kind of sign that I should keep pursuing. I guess it's possible that her even giving me her number in the first place and going out with me was a big step for her. But I can't help but shake the feeling that I'm wasting my time.

Do you guys have any suggestions? It might be that nothing will happen between us unless I continue to initiate, but I feel like I've already made my interest clear. I don't think it would kill her to send me a text.


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  • Firstly, introversion is no indication that you should have to take things slowly. Excessive shyness is, but that's a completely different situation.

    Sounds like you're toeing the friend-zone because you're taking things too slowly. Try to initiate touch, talk about intimate things, go in for a kiss, eye contact, anything to escalate intimacy.

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