Could you be in a relationship without Texting?

I personally don't like texting. I feel like texting is an easy way to get comfortable with someone and can influence how needy you become or possessive and can significantly diminish the amount of things you can talk to, it takes the surprise out of learning new things and making someone open up with actual face to face interaction. I think for a lot of us, texting is also an easier way to share our emotions (because we don't have to fear how the person reacts-well we do fear, but we can ignore it or hide from it, because it's just a text) and I don't want that to be the case.

So would you ever be in a serious relationship where you guys don't text just to talk (outside of maybe a hello, good morning, good night, or meet me here, don't forget, date at 8:30, in other words little things), but rather call if something needs to be talked about or addressed before you next seem them?

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  • Relationships existed long before texting did. I should hope that answers your question.

    • No I totally agree. I just think many people rely on texting in their relationships and to form relationships and I am just wondering how people feel about that and if they think they personally could do without it.

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