This guy I've been dating tells me a lot about his work, this is a good sign?

he's very open about his career (he's a broker/agent for real estate or something like that), and always keeps me updated about everything which I like :) I don't think he' as open to his friends about this stuff (or maybe I'm wrong). He seems very discreet.

I encourage him a lot and give him a lot of "positive feedback" cause I'm happy for him. He's young but he is so ambitious and determined and I like that a lot about him:) I'm still in University and feel way behind but I am completely okay with that :)

So do you think this is a good sign that he tells me a lot about his work/clients/co-workers?

Do you think he has any other particular motive for telling me about it? Or, he is just spilling his thoughts and I seem to be there?


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  • Does he talk about anything besides work

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