Need some good perspective? Why do my coworkers think this?

I went out for lunch with my co-workers. We're fairly close to age mid twenties to thirties. Anyways, one of my male coworker surprised me by making a strange comment. He stated that I must date "badboys" or very cocky/arrogrant men. The other two male co-workers agreed and when I turned to look at the only other female with us. She agreed as well. One of them insintuated that they probably needed to have wealth and status quo. They have never seen or heard of any guys that I have dated. I am trying to understand how they arrived at such a conclusion. When I asked about the other female coworker, they all disagree that she was the babyface sweet kind of girl, who probably dated nice guys. Can you please explain what type of girl must you be to date badboy or arrogrant/cocky men? How do you look at a person and come up with such judgements? Ironically, I've only dated average or below average guys that were doing OK in life.


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  • Wow that's a strange one! How on earth could they come to that conclusion? I wouldn't give it a second thought they are probably projecting what they want to think about you. Besides types are misleading anyway.


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