Should I wait or move on?

Ive been friends with this girl for 5 months now. she's 18 and I'm 20. It became increasingly obvious that we had feelings for each other. She admitted it and knows I like her. I met her when she was 17 so she didn't want to date until she was 18. That was fine with me so I waited like 2 months. During this time she became increasingly physical with me ( poking, tickling, pinching, gentle slapping, hands on knees etc..) but nothing that would make us look like a couple(handholding) A couple days after turning 18 I ask her out on a legit date. She said yes but at the last minute on the day of the date, the plans change and I end up having dinner at her parents house. I had dinner there many times with the family and they jokingly refer to me as a family member. It didn't actually bother me that much because we all know each other already but it was still unexpected considering a date is supposed to be 2 people alone. After dinner we all watched a movie together. The girl sat next to me and seemed incredibly fidgety moving around a lot and playing with her hair even brushing it up against me a few times and kept staring at me alot. Even though she admitted to liking me her behavior recently has changed around me. I feel as though she is avoiding me. The texting slowed down a lot and she seemed uncomfortable and bored around me. Obviously I was confused about these sudden mixed vibes I was getting so I asked her about it. I told her it was obvious that she was different around me and that it seemed to me like she had lost interest. I told her that if she's not comfortable with any of this we can simply be friends. She told me that she didn't lose interest but doesn't think she's ready to date just yet because school is keeping her busy and that we could try being friends until she gets things organized.

Shes always been kinda busy but her behavior is throwing me off. Is she being sincere about her workload or did I just get friend zoned. She will still continue to text me about her day...

give her a little time just for good faith but honestly I think she's lost interest and is trying to let you off easy


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  • I think she's not interested

    She's not making any time for you


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