Why does he text me if he's full of sh*t???? Please respond Girls and Guys!

Okay so I"m talking to this guy lets call him J, he's 22 I'm 24 bout to be 25. Well we where casually dating but saw he didn't want anything serious basically a booty call, we never slept together so I cut it off right there and told him if I anted a booty call I have my baby's father for that. I text him for that I will work sh*t out with my daughters father. He never responded so I left it like that. About 3 was later he text me " wus sup, whatever happen to us" I explain that's not what I wanted. He was like I been thinking about you alt and if I wanna try with you. So I agreed. My daughter father and I agreed that we would just be friends and there for the baby. So me and j text almost everyday and he always says I wanna c, mind you he knows I have a child and I a mother first. Ever time we set something up to meet either he flakes on me or I can't find a babysitter. So I finally get a babysitter and I'm all set to go I called him give me like 10 minutes and come pick me up. He said fine. He never came when I would call he would transfer me to voice mail. This happens Saturday Monday he calls like what's up I miss you. He text me I wanna c you tonight and all this other sh*t. Here's my question (finally I know) Why does he text me if he wants to play games? I'm grown and don't have time for that. Guys what does his action really say about what he wants from us? He always jokes I'm his MILF wtf is wrong with him. Is it that he's 2 immature?


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  • Immature and not the one for you is what I say. This guy is clearly not wanting to be serious with you. I would cut him off and move on. It's clear he isn't serious. That's not someone anyone (especially a mother) should have in their lives. You have better things to do and better people to meet. Kiss his butt goodbye.

  • He seems worthless. You can find better, for sure.

    Just stop answering his texts. He'll probably keep texting you for awhile until he realizes you're not interested.

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