My guy friend kissed me. How am I supposed to act normal now?

I have a guy friend I'm not particularly close to, but we hang out occasionally. There's never really been anything between us to suggest more than a platonic friendship (except that time he got drunk and cuddled me to death), but lately he's been talking to me more and inviting me to hang out more often.

So tonight I went to play video games at his house and we had a fun time. So I was leaving and I hugged him goodbye, but when I tried to break apart he kept holding onto me. Suddenly he went, "I'm curious," and before I knew it he was kissing me. It was a short kiss and I just kind of stood there afterward, and finally I went "'re CURIOUS?!" Lol I may have been a bit taken off guard. But he just said "yeah" and smiled and walked away.

I don't have these feelings for him... I might if I wasn't already in love with someone else. :/ So I don't know what to do now. Should I ask him about it? Should I leave it alone and wait for him to bring it up? Should I pretend it never happened?

Also, this guy happens to be friends with the guy I'm in love with (we're in the same social circle). Does that change anything?
Thanks for your answers. From the way he's been acting since the kiss, he is looking to become romantically involved. So that means I now have to tell him no, which is something I've never been good at lol. Wish me luck...


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  • Most likely, his mind believes that he put his feelings out there and now it's your obligation to accept or reject them.

    That being said, he did it in a forward and inappropriate way and perhaps he needs to explain himself.

    The way I see it, you have three options. You could just reject him outright, ask for an explanation, or pretend it never happened. Personally, I would ask for an explanation and then talk it through, but I'm bolder and much more insatiable than most.


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  • I doubt he'll ever bring it up again, so if you aren't consumed with curiosity YOURSELF you can leave it be.

    He meant he was curious what kissing you would be like. Now his curiosity is satisfied, and since you didn't respond with warmth...there won't be any follow-up from him.

    Don't worry about it; there's nothing to worry about!

    • Phew! Thanks. :) I do feel kinda bad about the way I reacted, but I was just really surprised and confused haha.

    • Nine times out of ten, guys are not going to turn creepy if you don't respond to their attempts at flirtation.

  • Act normal and wait for him to bring it up if he wants to talk about it

  • Yah it means you need to make it clear to him that you completely see him as a friend only and not be PASSIVE like a ton of girls would in your shoes.

    • if you have trouble putting him in the friend zone, think about your own feelings for a minute. He's totally not respecting how you feel towards him and just assumes you like him back.. and that's not cool.

  • Try to pursue a relationship with him he is obviously very interested


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  • Pretend it never happen for your sake and if he brings it up then you can talk about it. If your in love with someone else who doesn't want you right now then maybe just have fun with this guy it will take your mind off that someone else :)

    • Good plan. :) I actually have reason to suspect the guy I'm in love with may return my feelings, which is why I don't want to get involved with anyone else. Thanks for your answer!