Is he full of it?

okay, long story short. I really liked this guy, we got along well. I thought he liked me back and then he just stopped talking to me after standing me up for a movie thing. it wasn't a date, mutual friends were coming, but when I texted and asked if we were meeting up, he didn't even reply. I tried calling him and nothing. he started to walk past me with his head down. one time we were stuck in the same room together for over an hour and he didn't say a word to me. he didn't even wave. I let the months drag on, but it was really bothering me. he was online and I said hey and he signed off a minute later without responding.

anyway, I sent him a fb message and told him that I didn't understand why he was ignoring me and not texting/calling me back when he should and all this stuff.

he actually replies and said that he "probably actually never saw me" when he walked by with his head down and that he didn't know the movie thing was still on because he thought our friend canceled and he said he was sorry but he's horrible with getting back to people on the phone (we always texted, but spoke rarely on the phone) and that he was going to say hi to me one day, but was drunk and doesn't remember what happened.

i don't know what to think of all of that. it seems like he's bullsh*tting. since when do you not text people back and stuff? do I drop it or do I keep asking what really happened?


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  • drop it nig.

  • maybe he was busy and didn't respond becuase of that. you can talk to his friends to see what's up with that. but don't get angry about it.

    • I wasn't angry, I just think he's not telling me something. I'd see him look at me, and then look down. he's claiming he didn't do that. he just didn't see me... you can't possibly happen to look at me and then look down at the floor every time I see you, right? that had to be purposeful... idk. he's a good person, from what I've seen before all this, and he's really shy...idk. I'm rambling, haha