What would you do if it took someone a month to get in contact with you about going on a date?

There is this guy I gave my info to because he asked me on a date.That was a little over a month ago.He expressed to me how he was looking for work,and subletting his apt etc and that we would do something when he got back in his apt.It has been a month since he has contacted me.I haven't reached out to him because I feel like I made moves in the beginning and I don't think he is keeping his side up if he supposedly is interested in me.

I can understand if he is having financial troubles,but its absurd that. He hasn't really contacted me to say hello or to let me know what's up.Am I overreacting here?


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  • You're not overreacting, but he's not reacting at all. Don't wait for this guy to get back in touch with you - a month's a long time and no guy wastes time if there's a girl he really likes waiting on his calls.You would have done well to hit him up a week after you gave him your details to check on things but a month has passed now and it'll look a bit strange to ask him what's going on.

    Don't wait for him - move on and if he remembers to contact you, at least you'll have the option of saying yes or no on your terms and not just be sitting by the phone hoping he calls you up. :)


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  • me in fact. I ask a girl 3-5 times out in a week to see if she still wants. If she negates all of these I will stop message/calling her. That's just too much effort I put in and I don't like to get played too.


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