Talking for 9 months and still nothing. please help.

I recently graduated HS. I was a wrestling Manager and at a Match I met a guy named John.. He was an assistant assist. Coach you can say. So he did the book one day Because someone was out. This was Last day of Dec 2012. So we talk flirted and he gave me his number. First time something like that ever happened to me. ( a guy giving me his #). I'm 18 he's 21. So we texted and went on a date mid Jan2013. Watched a movie nothing happened but I paid for my movie. Ate, then went home. Still txted, still flirting. But he is never on his phone so we text 6-12 messages a wk. he's in the military too but only goes to Drill 3 day a month. So later one he broke his leg. And I guesss we stopped talking. I think he didn't wanna talk to me Because of this leg issue so we never saw each other.

Then July comes and he just came back from being deployed for one month so we agreed to watch a movie again. 2nd date. He pays for everything,movie and food. But no moves were played. On the way out his car to go home we hug and he kinda kisses me on the cheek. Not fully though. So yesterday was Sept 11. We went out. Late date we just texted and said. I'm bored lets go out. So we went out drove around had Chipotle, I paid for my meal, and he took me around his town and job. We past by the view of the city and even though we didn't get out the car I love it! It was very romantic I guess but he didn't olan it. It made me fall gor him even more I guess. So we went home and we hugged again he tried to really hold my waist. But we were sitting in the car.

What does this mean. I really like him but its been 9 months we been talking. Maybe 2-4 more dates and if no moves are played maybe he just wants to be friends. But we laugh alot. he's normally dry and dull kinda but I'm not I'm outgoing etc. I really like him though but I don't wanna be like I LIKE YOU Because I don't wanna ruin what we have


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  • You don't really have anything

    Just make a move

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