Dating a girl for 2 months, she goes on vaca, and now she's not into me. =/

So I was seeing this Asian girl for about 2 months before this week. Everything was going well, she would refer to me as "hunny" and "babe" but we weren't together. I wanted more but she wanted to take it slow, but she's the one who would call me hunny and babe, not me.

Anyways, she went on vacation last week. And has come back now, and now she doesn't want to see me. Well not doesn't want to see me, but she's not all nice and into me like she used to be. We have connected physically, and it was super amazing, and she has stated the same, but she has like disconnected from me now. And its really sh*tty cause she was all for me before she went on vaca. She said she wouldn't forget me, but clearly she has. How do I grab her interest again?.. I've known this girl since high school, and every time we start "dating" aka dinners drinks sex, she always just leaves a couple months later, and goes with another guy. And honestly I don't want to put my heart out there again, to have this again in the future, with her. Cause its been happening for like 9 years now on and off. I want her to be mine now, and no more of this bs. How do I get to grab her attention again? Do I disappear, and see if she chases me?.

Answers Much appreciated.



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  • It's time to cut her off. She will come back for more which you will think is her chasing, but really she's just keeping you on a leash. You're her back up so she's never alone. I know this behavior because I do it. I know I won't ever marry him but I don't want to be lonely. It's mean and I shouldn't do it. Anyway you really do need to move on by never speaking to her again and cutting off all contact through social medias. You have to get yourself out of this spiral because she's happy with this situation. If she was going to love you forever she would've said/done it by now. Instead she runs to other men...

    • no trust me. I've had someone like this before, and this one isn't the same. Its hard to explain the whole thing in this small box. But I am not a filler to her. trust me. I've dated a girl that I was a "filler" for. And I could easily tell off the batt that I was.

    • Oh OK then. Good luck sounds like you know what you're doing and you don't need to be on here asking why the girl you love isn't into you enough.

    • I never said I loved her. I'm really into her. You need to learn to be alone.

  • Your her filler guy, meaning she uses you when she's in between guys. She does like you and want to hang out but you're never going to be 'the one'. It's up to you to decide how you want to be treated.

    • I don't think I'm the filler. Because I have turned her down wanting to "hangout" in the past.

    • Oh and normally girls don't sleep with the "filler" guy. She has. And she loves coming back to it all the time. LOL

    • Turning down the occasional hangout from either side means nothing. I sleep with my filler guy whenever I'm in between guys, call it a friends with benefits whatever. Either way I'm 100% sure you're never going to be her everything. That's fine so long as you realize that and accept it. Which I don't think you will because it's been going on for 9 years. If she was going to be your everything it would've happened years ago. For some reason she doesn't want you in her forever plan. I'm sorry.

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