What to do with your hands when you're kissing a guy?

I mean when you're kissing a guy for the first time, like on a first date. What do guys generally like?


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  • You know what? Just do whatever feels natural. Put your hands around him, or on his shoulders, wrap your arms around his waist. Whatever feels natural and comfortable. Trust me, this is not one of those things you need to worry much about. Heck, if you want, you can pull his head closer to you, and run your fingers upward from the back of his hairline if you want. This seriously can go anywhere you want. Don't worry about it.


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  • if I am a female , I will put my hands around his waist and hug him tight while kissing him.

  • put your right hand around his waist and hold him tight, this will make him feel good and he will kiss more passionately and with your left hand just rub his back and neck


What Girls Said 1

  • I would either:

    A)Place my hand on his jaw or cheek

    B) Place my two arms (not hands) around his neck

    C) Place my hand at the back of his head to draw him in closer