A random kiss!

I was on a night out, and I hadn't even got anywhere when this happened! Walked through the town with my friends and it was pretty empty actually. Some random man walked up to us, he was on his own, and just stood in front of me. He asked if he could kiss my cheek so I asked why, out of shock. He said that my skin looked really soft and he wanted to kiss it so he could feel how soft it really was. I thought it was strange, so I was gonna say no, politely obviously, but before I got chance he kissed me on my cheek then thanked me and walked off. I can't work out why he did that? My skin being soft seems like a funny excuse. Any guys got any theories? Or anyone for that matter?

A lot of your a suggesting that he was drunk, that's another factor I meant to add, he didn't appear drunk what so ever, nor did he smell of alcohol. That's why the whole event confused me so much! Thank you for all the comments so far though.


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  • No theories, it's just simply confident flirting. And judging by your reaction and you writing this question, I'd say he did a damn good job. Don't get me wrong, it's easy to tell he know what he was doing and wasn't drunk. First, he asked. Then he thanked you. And he also noticed your soft skin. Clearly the man was 3 steps ahead.

    If only some guys could take note of this. It doesn't always work, as most girls would have shinned him in between the legs in half a second. But the way he presented it to you, obviously showed a skill.

    • Yeah have to admit, there was a certain amount of skill with that, but it left me absolutely bewildered!

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  • im guessing he was drunk. or did it on a dare because who goes up to random chicks and kisses them. or maybe he thought you were soft and wantted to know.