What went wrong, with so much chemistry?

so I met this girl online, and we lasted 6 days, 3 of them were great, she gave me her number, after chatting on the site and we had so much in common. We texted the first day, I then asked her if I can call and she replied with smiley, so I went for it, talked for an hour and half. She seemed very interested, second day she calls and we talked for a bit and I had to go, I called back though and talked again. Third day she texted me, then at night I wanted to talk to her, so I called and ( I was kina high) so my mind was wandering and didn't pick anything really to talk about. She complained about some stuff and I didn't support her, just said ahem, ahem! That was the last time I heard from her. I skipped the 4th day and texted 5th day, nothing from her, called left a voice mail, so we can discuss the 6th day, no reply, and final message at the time we were suppose to meet. It has been couple of days...Am I ever gonna hear back?

*she smokes, drinks too


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  • The problem with "Chemistry" is that not all chemical reactions occur at the same steady rate. A spark, an explosion, and your fling have one thing in common.