Why are guys so hard to understand?

So school started this August. In one of my classes, I have a guy partner. Every time we have a presentation due the following day or days ahead, I tell him to text or call me so we can prepare. My teacher reminds us that presentations are important and to make sure that we have our partners contact info. So I gave him my number but he never gave me his number. I assumed he would eventually text me and I can just save his number. Its been 4 presentations down and he has never called or text me to review and I have no clue why?. I don't want to sound rude and tell him that our presentation sucks because he doesn't call me to review. How can I be discreet without sounding arrogant.Given my situation, I want to know Why doesn't he call or text to review, he needs this class to finish his major?


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  • This guy isn't hard to understand. He just does not give a sh*t or is an idiot.


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