Is she flaking already?

Ok, so I've met this chick on OKCUPID, and we talked for a few days, than exchange numbers. We texted each other for a day, and then we ended making plans to meet up this Saturday. The plans were made on Monday, and after that we did not have much communication. I wanted to keep it cool, to see if she was really interested, I didn't contact her and she didn't contact me until today after I texted her. The only reason why I decided to contact her was because my sister said, not to keep from contacting her, if I wait a long time to text her she might think I'm not interested in her. Mind you she was the one with the plans of getting together. So today I decided to text her, and I wrote, " I hope you took an umbrella with you". She replied back after about 40 minutes or so saying, "Crazy right. I work 1-9 Sat, so we'll do the jersey another day soon".

I kind of feel she's being flaky, because after we set up the date, she text me the next day which was Tuesday saying she has a gay friend who was coming from outta state to visit her, then she's talking about how she might have to go out of town Friday if she's off. Then today when I text her just so she won't think I'm not interested in her she tells me that.

Now... here's the thing. I don't care if she doesn't want to go on a date (Shoot it saves me money. LOL). I just want to know what to reply back to her, because I haven't replied since she texted me that. So, what good line can I text her to make her see that I can careless? LOL


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  • Well I read somewhere that only 2% of people are gay - and I highly doubt that her friend that is visiting her from out of state is gay. He might not be her boyfriend but I doubt that he's gay. I think she probably collected more numbers than she needed to when she was on okcupid and then had to narrow down her choices to save time.

    • So what can I reply back to her text of "Crazy right. I work 1-9 Sat, so we'll do the jersey another day soon". ?

    • Offer to do something that she is interested in that she might not do with another guy. Like do you know of a band that is coming in to town that she might not have tickets to? etc... maybe you have a cottage somewhere and you want to take her and her friends fishing? etc...

    • Sure if that's what you want to do but be aware she is probably talking to other guys.

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  • Online girls are very flaky! I can't stand most of them. Just play it by ear and keep messaging other girls in the mean time. If you haven't at least met her once, she gets no priority. Get as many numbers as you can. I found that texting multiple girls worked for me. For example, one time I was texting 3 at once, 2 didn't meet, but one did. If I stuck with one, I could have been canceled on with no meet, So keep messaging other girls if you're still interested in meeting someone online. Girls have told me they get like 30-50 messages a day. You know they're bound to be talking to other guys. It's up to them to prove to you that they are worth your time.

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