Why do people has such low standards when it comes to dating people interested in them

i'm somewhat guilty of this myself but notice the girls I'm really interested in and genuinely like don't seem to put that into account or care .

there more worried about looks/appearance , rumors , money , who I'm friends with etc . they have very low standards when it comes to finding guys who actually like them and truly interested

. wouldn't a relationship be more successful if we dated someone who actually wanted to be in a relationship with us than someone we just wanted to be with cause they were hot or had $


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  • You have different values than these girls. you can't change them just like they can't change u. if you want a girl like that then you need to become popular, hot or rich. if not then don't bother, you're just torturing yourself. sitting around waxing philosophical on why girls don't live life and think the way you want them to is not going to solve anything. you are probably shallow as well because I guarantee the girls you're talking about are not the nice nerdy girls who don't care about material things in life, just want a nice guy who treats them right...i mean those girls seem to have similar value systems as you, but you aren't interested in dating them...

    • well yeah some of the girls I've had bad experiences with were definity in crowd more popular girls , but I still think its dumb they put such importance of those things over a guys genuine feelings, its like some of them wouldn't even care if the guy liked them for more than there body as long is he had a nice body , house , car and a visa card with a big limit

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  • Because guys are desperate for sex and women don't have low standards

    • ok maybe some guys are desperate for sex I agree there but isn't girls having high standards in some areas but not this area part of the problem . most girls are more focused on other things , and I'm sure they'd like to date a guy truly into them but I find many are more worried about other things when meeting guys

    • Honestly when I read girls' profiles online I find their "standards" to be very misguided and easily the reason they are single. I read a profile where a girl would not go near a guy who didn't have the hairdo she desired.

  • There are men especially on GAG who complain about not getting women so they take what they can get.

    • true some people don't have a lot of options so they date what's available but I don't understand why a girl would reject me when I was so into her and really liked her , wouldn't that be worth something when she was deciding what to do ? its like she didn't even care that I liked her

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  • See what you call "low standards" others think are "higher standards" but I agree with you that it's all based on things that are pretty much materialistic or status-based nonsense. That's a huge problem when dating 25 and up. Things shift all into garbage with stuff like what kinda car a person drives or if they own a house and how big it is. It gets real picky. I notice this much more among women. The guys just deny they want a good looking girl yet don't date anyone who isn't a damn 10.