Do you think he had feelings for me?

We were together for about a month and a half we met online. We had a such a strong connection texting and we still felt that connection and chemistry when we met. We met in the park hit off instantly he kissed me a few times and after he dropped me home and he'd hold me close before letting me leave and he'd hold my hand as he drove. We continued to text each other all week and he was saying how much he really liked me and asked if I'd want to be his girlfriend. I didn't say yes yet as I wanted to take it slow. He'd used to say how it felt like we'd known each other our whole lives like we were best friends forever. When I got back from when I went away we met up that day went to another park and spent time together just cuddling or kissing and talking. We met up again the next day and I agreed to be his girlfriend then. He had to go away then as he had a funeral that week so we spoke a bit. He told me that he was falling for me. He told he he loved me a few times and a couple more times when drunk even though I didn't feel the same back yet but he'd say “I know your not there yet but I want you to know I love you” . We met up the day he just got back from when he went away we met quickly for a while has he had to go to work we just cuddled in his car . We'd kiss and stop to look in to each others eyes. An he said to me “in case you don't already know I really really like you”. The next week he came over to mine for a while I'd already been over to his.We just kissed or cuddled

We hadn't really told anyone about us yet. He said he would. I asked him if he wanted to be friends on Facebook he said “wait until I tell them my sister and my housemates who he lived with so they won't be asking who's she” then said “you know you mean the world to me” that week was fine. hursday I noticed him online the dating site where we met again and found his Facebook and saw he'd added a girl from there. He hadn't been on in ages. I decided on Saturday to text him saying I love you . He didn't reply for ages and just replied to something else. Next day I texted him he replied with."I'm going to be honest pet. This is scaring me how fast things are going with us . I really had no intention of getting into a relationship until I met you . I don't know what it is. I'm afraid of hurting you and myself I'm just confused" then I kept sending a few messages every 2 hours as he didn't reply about 3 then I send one line to him "I thought you were a good guy thought we had a connection but I don't want to be messed around" and the next day I sent one more message.

Then he replied "Like I honestly don't know what's going on in my head. I really don't. I hurt when you said "I thought you were a good guy" I am. I've always treated you right. I just don't know what I want in life right now. I hate my job and most of my life to be honest. I'm not the right guy for you you deserve way better" And that's the last thing he texted despite anymore texts I sent.

He's already moved on

Is his the new girlfriend a rebound? since he got with her so quickly?


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  • Yes he had feelings for you at the time but I don't think at the time he was seriously ready for a steady relationship with you yet. He could have been messing around on the side but that doesn't mean he didn't develop feelings for you. Sounds like you did everything perfect so you have nothing to worry about. You did nothing wrong and I can see why this must have disappointed/upset you and hurt you. You did everything you could to be a good girl for him. Is all you can do now is to just move on, but if I were you and you still like him, Id wait several days and then send him a text, and if no response maybe another one a week later and then like 2 weeks later. If you don't get any satisfactory response then call is quits. Maybe out of the blue someday you'll hear from him in a month or so and then you can take it from there if he suddenly becomes interested in you once again. The main thing is that you want him to be honest with you about everything. If you don't feel you can trust him and in what he says then drop him. Maybe he h as some history you're not aware of that isn't all that great and he doesn't want to hurt you by telling you. Don't waste you time with any guy that leaves you in the dark. Life is too short and you're only young once. Just make sure you continue to learn from your experiences. Good luck. :)

    • This happened about 3 weeks ago I did call 3 days later he hung up then texted what I wanted to say just explaining things he read if for ages. Then I tried texting How are you 2 weeks later and he didn't reply I think checked it a few times as I saw him on whatsapp. his new girlfriend is treated differently and not keeping her secret. I deleted his number and we're not friends on Facebook I saw it on fb him and the new girlfriend . Is the "I'm afraid of hurting you and myself" mean cheating?

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    • Noo, I don't think he's a player. I what I do think is that he got way over his head with you... and over you before he had time to think of what was really happening. He could be jumping around not knowing what he really wants, and won't be with the girl he has now for very long. Maybe he'll come to realize one day you're the one he jells with the most. If you feel the same way towards him then keep up those little messages we've been talking about. lol! Good luck! :)

    • Aw right cool just checking I'll leave it more longer before I say anything I'll let you know the message before I send it ha so I don't say anything stupid ha.

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