Ladies: Define your "standards" in dating?

Ladies: What "standards" do you look for in a guy? Are there guys you just won't date? Do you have deal breakers? etc.


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  • Ladies: Define your "standards" in dating?

    Being attractive to me and being amusing and entertaining to be around.

    Are there guys you just won't date?

    Yes I don't date guys I consider unattractive or average, bitter resentful misogynists, overweight/obese guys, bald guys, hairy guys (hairy as in lots of body hair), guys older than me as I find most unattractive, virgins, and guys I consider nerds, geeks, dorks, and such as I find most tend to be bitter and resentful.

    Do you have deal breakers?

    Having a d*ck less than 8''

    Smoking around me

    Harming children/animals

    • How do you find out their d*** size without dating them? Do you ask them before going out?

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  • Standards wise, he'd have to be a pretty classic gentleman (this goes really far, in my book). Also, he'd have to be a man I could respect, which means he doesn't whine or act bitter about his life, but instead takes responsibility for his own actions. He has to be intelligent. Appearance-wise, he either appeals to me or doesn't... It varies so much, even I don't know what I like exactly. I like 'em taller than me! xD

    Hmm... Deal breakers... Deal breakers would be somebody who is self-absorbed and rude. If he is dumb and dull, aww man that's the worst. Guys with no ambition who blame external factors for their problems. Flakiness. If he's not very affectionate. Oh, and excessive drinking.

  • I would not date someone who is rude, irresponsible, and unaffectionate.

    Major deal breakers: A man who is domineering and verbally abusive.

  • Deal Breakers:

    Drugs or smoking of any kind (yes, even weed)

    Excessive drinking (if they get drunk once a week, I consider it excessive.)

    Disrespect towards their parents or people in general

    Someone who doesn't want/is against marriage.

    Someone who never wants children

    Someone who is not willing to ever travel (like vacations)

    Someone who is sex-crazed or pressures me

    Someone who is shorter than I am (I'm 5'2)

    Someone who is excessively overweight (like..100-200 pounds overweight.)

    Someone who does not like animals.

    I think that's all, but who knows. I think I have pretty high standards. xD


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