What message is my ex sending?

So me and my ex broke up a month or so ago , she broke up with me over something stupid, she can't even tell me why. She said over her daughter Nd this and that, but seemed like she had no valid reason. I think there might be someone else or she was not ready for a relationship. She was totally into me loving me and treating me good. She did so many nice things for me, and did it back.

One time when we were together she said she had text her ex? and told him she had met someone new. Why would she do that? maybe she was trying to make him jealous or get back at him.

So we have seen each other 3 or 4 times since we broke up she has been a bit flirty, and asking me if I'm gonna take her out still I'm like sure. So last week, she hints at me that she would like to go out, so I ask her out and she says OK, so we plan to go out this coming weekend. So I called her and text her and not heard back from her since last weds? I just said text or call me when you wanna hang out again. I was OK with being just friends or whatever, but its like she was always saying we would go out and hang, but its not been very often.

I have been seeing someone else now and its going OK. I'm trying to move on and hoping I can, but I kinda wanted stay in touch with my ex as a sign of good faith as we had a good thing, and we got along so well. But I don't get why she still was wanting to go out and then ignore me? She doesn't answer my texts sometimes ,even if they are friendly ones.

It seems like she might just not wanna talk or see me anymore, even though we are not together I still have feelings for her in some way and it just hurts. I'm trying to move on, I think about my ex from time to time.

I kinda feel like she mighta have just used me, this can knock a guy down pretty hard.

Should I just not bother with her anymore ? And just wait for her to call me.

I'm thinking just let her go.

Yeah I'm tired of my ex and her trip, even though I did not date her for that long I feel she used me maybe for a few reasons ego boost, or fill in guy for breakup from her ex. She played me well and treated me very good until she said I think you just want sexy from me, then she got all mad and distant and then that was it. So seems like to me she is trying still to get back at me.

I'm gonna make the best of the new girl I'm not gonna look back, I'm to hurt and confused from ex


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  • You are in a rebound period. Still haven't forgotten the ex, saw her a few times since you broke up, and yet, already seeing someone else.

    You should decide for yourself. And keep in mind that your new partner needs you and your attention, since you decided to see each other.

    You also should know if you have to break up with the new one, if you can't forget the ex.

    To me, it seems the ex is a manipulative person, and that she is not worth your time.

    Don't let the past break the present.


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  • Yea I would not contact her anymore. She is just playing games and you don't deserve that.


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  • i just wouldn't bother dealing with her to be honest. it's going to be a rollar coaster. you are seeing someone new so just enjoy that and let this drama queen of an ex be in the past

  • She's being flakey, drop her like a bad habit.