Should I go to my ex's house?

My ex and I recently broke up two year relationship in order for him to party with his friends he felt tied down. Every single day keeps contacting me wanting to be friends and he says if we are going to date again we should at least be friends see how it goes from there so we can come back stronger but I think it's an excuse to party because we fought for about 3 months because of him partying. He just text me saying that his parents just went out of town and he said three messages first message said oh man I wish we were super good friends because you could like to stay here. Then the second message said I'm not trying to confuse you but it would've just been perfect when we were dating. Third message said sorry I have no clue why just sent that it's just you're the first person I've told. What do y'all think would be best? I want him to regret us breaking up and I simply replied "I'm sorry I overreacted I was just about to text you but I don't know if that's a good idea I'm sorry" he replied with alright. Do you think if he shows more effort I should go over there? Or do you think I should just go over there to rub it in his face that we're friends and make him regret losing me by not kissing him or anything?

Btw this is the first time we have broken up and he didn't feel like getting back together..he says we are stuck in a loop of breaking up and getting back together. But if its love why give up to live it up senior year?


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  • Look, if you say that this is your senior year, then do whatever you want, have fun. Because in reality, you are probably going to college next year and you will not even care about this guy next fall. If you are going away to college, you will meet so many new and interesting people that high school stuff won't even matter anymore. Going away to college was the best time of my life. All the petty crap and relationships with girls in high school wasn't even a thought in my mind. Don't believe for a second that a long distance relationship will work or trying to goto the same college will work out. You guys will most probably break up anyway (sorry for sounding negative, but its realistic). Maybe you guys will meet up again in a few years. It sounds cliche, but the saying "if you love something, let it go. If it returns to you, it was always meant to be." You're young, go enjoy yourself and meet new people. Don't focus on a guy that tells you he loves you and then says "i regret telling you that I love you". Sounds like he doesn't even know what love is. In my mind, loving someone else is like having every thought or action during your day about that other person. Can't even think about anything or anyone else. Not trying to push them away to hang out with your friends. He can't have it both ways. Also, you mentioned that he wanted to "stay friends". Then why did he try inviting you over his house when his parents were away? He wanted a hook up. That's not staying "just friends", that's sending mixed signals and he's trying to have his cake. Good luck and have fun, you deserve it.

  • It pretty obvious what this guy wants here. He wants to hang out and party with his friends, keep you on the back burner and to hook up whenever he wants it. Don't do this, he will only string you along and you will not be happy in the end. There is only one sure fire way to make a guy crazy and come crawling back to you. That is assuming that you even want him back. MAKE HIM BELIEVE THERE IS ANOTHER GUY INTERESTED IN YOU. The thought of losing you completely will drive him nuts and you will become his number one priority. Do it subtle, don't come right out and say "I can't, because I have another date", he might see right through that. Make him think you are hanging out with some other guys or a friend of yours is introducing you to someone new. Turn the tables on this guy. This method has worked for ages. Guys cannot bear with the thought of another dude stepping into what he believes is rightfully his own. Its a messed up way of thinking, but this is how men's minds work. And this advice is coming from a guy. Good luck torturing him mentally.

    • Hahah the last part made me laugh all I can say is thank you a lot for the advice but honestly does this mean he doesn't love me anymore because he wants to be friends? Or does it mean he wants his cake and eat it too? last time we broke up for like a day he saw me talking To a guy on Facebook and I wasn't flirting but he mistake all LOL's and smiley faces for it and called me to say he regretted loving me I just hope if he thinks someone else's in my life he won't try to distance himself

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