Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Should I stay or go?

My boyfriend and I met on a dating website. We have now been dating for about 6 months...I have found messages from other girls in his phone and on his Facebook, I also found out he was still on the website we met on and a few others I didn't know about. The messages I found weren't inappropriate but some were flirtatious so I created a fake Facebook account and began to message him myself to see what he would say at the same time we were into already so I told him if he wanted to trust me to give me his Facebook info, he did but kept giving me the wrong password till he could let me/the other girl on Facebook give him her number then he deleted the message and text her telling her he was trying to get me off his back...when I confronted him about it he lied until I told him it was me and he didn't know what to say...we broke up but now he is begging me to take him back and swears it'll never happen again. What do I do?


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  • He told her that he was "trying to get you off his back"...?

    Could you ever trust him again after stabbing you in the back like this?

    To put it differently...if your bff told you this same story, what advice would YOU give HER?

  • You played it smart (so far). Keep going. You know what's he's like (you proved it to yourself) and people don't change- you just find out more about them. Unless he can prove (consistently) that he's trustworthy then any relationship you have with him will be more trouble than it's worth.

    Run for the hills.