How do I let him know I really like him without seeming too desperate

I went out on a first date with a guy earlier this week that I really like. We spent 3+ hours talking and at the end of the date I asked if we could do this again soon. He said "yes." I let him know I was busy the next few days, but that I could do something next week. We didn't set up a specific date. I didn't hear from him the next day, but 2 days later I told him about a funny prank I pulled on my boss (which was actually his idea). We exchanged 3 or 4 texts and I told him I would let him know how it goes. The last 2 texts were me just updating him on my boss's reaction and asking how his day was, but I haven't heard anything back. Not sure if that really means anything good, or bad.

But I do really like him and I would like t go out with him again next week. Do I have to wait until he texts me, or can I send another flirty text in a few days and then ask if we wants to do dinner on a specific day? It always feels good when you know someone likes you, but I don't want to sound desperate. I don't think he would have said he wants to go out again at the end of the date if that wasn't true.

What are the "rules" or correct etiquette with this?


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  • Please, be yourself. Approach to him, and don't care if you seem desperate or not. I know about this for I have always been like you. You like him. Try to make him notice you talking of anything that seems a normal extroverted girl would say even if she didn't have a crush on a guy. I would wait a day or two, in your case, and then attack by saying something if he doesn't answser. That way he will know you like him, or somewhat like him, but you will not sound desperate for time passes and you don't talk to him.

    It's complicated, I know. I'm also not a good example for I'm extremely shy, and even feel like talking to a girl after two months of not saying a word would be desperate. It's trouble in the hidden parts of our personality, but sometimes it must take a lot of effort to overcome them

    I may have gone somewhere else when answering your question XD The point is you need to be natural. And even if you sounded desperate, who cares? You are a girl and you like him. To me, if a girl sounds desperate, I tend to believe they like me more than they do. Some guys take this as a "turn off" but I prefer it that way. Makes me feel desirable and I may develop a crush on them.

    If he said to go out again, it means he likes you. From now on, I'm almost sure he won't get apart if you sounded "desperate", for he likes you, and you liking him mucj will make you both develop a better and closer relationship.

    I hope I recommended you well. Do as you want, but please be yourself. You don't need a guy who likes you for something that you pretend to be. If he doesn't want you for what you are, you shouldn't like him like that much more.

    I hope my answer proves to be useful :)

    • Thanks so much. Yes, that does help. What I really want to do is ask if he wants to go to a sports game. We were talking on and off for 3 months before meeting because he is in the military and was in Afghanistan up until a few weeks ago. We had talked then about going to a game before the season is over. But I'm not sure if it's too soon to do that after only one date, and I'm scared of rejection. I have no idea but it's possible that he is also seeing another woman that he likes better.

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    • He likes you. That's out of the question. However, as I said every guy is different and so maybe he'll like you a lot and still don't act for some fear or sth. But he seems pretty normal, though. I'll recommend you to wait for him to ask you more often for the days following your Friday hang out, and if after 3-4 days he didn't ask you out another time, you ask him out, and there you can make your feelings more evident.

      But if you see things on the right track, just let him try to get you.

    • In my view, you didn't make him look at you as desperate for him or anything, try to keep it that way. He may be trying to see HOW desperate you are for him, try not giving him signs of being so, still accept any offer he makes to you (hanging out-boyfriend, I mean). However, if he doesn't move further you should act.

      And most important of all: Be yourself. If he doesn't like you the way you are, you shouldn't like him anymore. I don't think that's the case anyway as he seems to like you.

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