Am I over-thinking this?

I just recently went on a first date. We had dinner, then took a walk along the beach. At the end of the date, I got a hug and we both agreed we wanted to see each other again.

The next day we didn't talk, but 2 days later I sent him a funny text and I sent 3 texts total and he sent 2 total (point being, it was light hearted and brief).

That night I followed up with an answer to a question he had asked me earlier, and asked how the rest of his day went.

I have not heard anything from him since the brief texting and that last text I sent.

Should I be worried? Am I reading into it? I'm thinking about the way I act and if I liked a guy I had just gone on a date with, I would immediately respond to all communication. Should it be the same for him?

Based on him saying yes, he wanted to see me again, I can assume he is still interested...right?


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  • Possibilities:

    1. He is busy (unlikely since a text doesn't take a lot of time to answer).

    2. He is having an issue with his phone.

    3. He liked the date, but was intimidated by the 3 texts.

    4. He was being polite when he said he wanted to see you again.

    Of course, some guys would enjoy getting 3 texts--others might find it too much too soon. All you can really do at this point is wait for him to contact you. Play it cool and if he wants to get in touch he will. Good luck...

    • Thanks! Seems weird that he would be intimidated by 3 texts because I text once, he text back, I responded, he responded, then I responded again and let him know I would get back to him. I got back to him that night. Is that really intimidating?

      When we talked about going out again, we talked about location and things to do. It's not very polite to say "yes" if you don't mean it---it's more polite to just make an excuse. This guy also just got back from Afghanistan & we've been emailing since May

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