Guy I've been dating for 3 months asked me out yesterday morning but never called that evening to confirm date. Is he not interested anymore?

He has been wonderful, attentive, and calls me literally everyday for the past 3 months. Has always followed through on dates. Has never cancelled on nor has he ever blown me off.

He texted me yesterday morning to go out last night but never called.

Is he not interested anymore?


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  • Why does HE have to call to confirm? Simply because he asked you out? Females need to learn to be more forthcoming these days. We are so afraid that because ONE thing that we didn't want to happen, happened, it means that a man is no longer interested. You could have easily picked up the phone and called to confirm the date yourself. Perhaps something occurred that forced him to bail and he was so consumed that he could not alert you? Perhaps he was busy and forgot to cancel? Perhaps he fell asleep? There are seriously a boatload of reasons that he could not have done confirmed that date. Either way, 50% of communication rides on the man and 50% on the woman -- next time, if he says you two are going out at 08PM and it's 06PM and he hasn't called, YOU call him so that you aren't waiting around to possibly waste a night that could have been spent with your girlfriends ;)


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  • because he never called one night, you're convinced he doesn't like you?

    Don't get your panties in a knot, learn to be patient.


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  • Are you saying that he basically stood you up?

    If so, and barring some sort of personal emergency that took up his time, then most likely he is no longer interested. And if he just "forgot" or "fell asleep" then he is a flake and you will need to reconsider whether or not you will be able to trust him in the future.

    • weird that he would do that after being so attentive and calling me everyday after three months though I see your point.

    • I don't play games so I would recommend calling or texting and asking him point-blank why you never heard from him last night. Where you go from there depends on if he replies or what he says.