Do you know if companies give personal cell numbers?

Besides their extension number, do employees also get a personalized cell phone number that they can use to text and call customers?

I received a text from someone who works for a company. He said I can contact this number, and when I did, his voice mail said that its his cell if you want to leave a message. So is this his personal number or another number given by his company?


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  • I would guess that its his personal number. Is he a random employee or is he a higher up guy you can call just in case you have a question?

    • What do you "you can just call for a question"?

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    • I know him because we so business together. Like I call him to make appointments. He texted me.

    • Maybe he just thinks it way easier to communicate that way instead of just the business phone

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  • "Do you know if companies give personal cell numbers?"

    Absolutely. That's especially true for employees involved in sales or other jobs where they are in regular contact with customers. Also for employees who travel or are out in the field, such as a construction project.

    There are also picocells. If you aren't familiar with them, they are basically very small low powered cells. You are familiar with a regular cell tower, which has a certain area of coverage. A picocell is just a very small version used internally within a business. So people away from their desk can still be reached by other employees and outside calls.


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