My boyfriend broke up with me! Should I talk to him?

We've been dating for 1.6 years but lately I felt like he didn't give me much time anymore. He isn't sweet and saying he was just tired and busy in College. I understand that he is tired from work because his work is physically tiring but at least he could give me time when I'm calling him. So lately I always wanna break up, because I told him I wasn't feel loved blah blah and he explained that I shouldn't feel.that way but days after situation was back and I started a fight about something and broke up with him. didn't talk to him for 6 didn't answer to his last message and he was posting quotes photos about he isn't feeling rright and tagging me but didn't send me a personal message. So because I missed him and wanted him back I send him message telling to delete my photos on his acccount and stuff but then we were good because I was giving him chance but then he doesn't seem interested when I even gave him a chance to make things right and he said he doesn't need it now because he is physically tired. So I got mad at him and we broke up but the next day I apopogize to him for getting mad because I felt like he didn't even care. He got mad and told me I shouldn't be playing games saying I'm done then I'm coming back and he got mad for all the things I've done but didn't even think about the things he have done to me. He didn't answer my calls and messages telling him we should at least have a formal breakup. The next day I called again and he text me he is doing paperworks then he said its better to break up because the same things will happen all the time and that he don't want it but have to do it. So I was hurt and just pretend I like his idea so I said OK, thanks for being that brave to let me go. Thanks for finally letting me go :) so do you think he will still come back because we broke up a lot of times before and he did too but he keeps on coming back after days. this is the 4th day we lose contact. Should I talk to him?


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  • I'm a girl (well obviously) and I think you overreacted. Your asking us if he will come back so obviously you didn't want it to be over? Why would you break up with him knowing you still wanna be with him. Your just taking advantage of the fact that you think he will always come running back but one day he wont. I don't know if your in college or not but don't you know how tiring it is? School can take out a lot in people, you say you understand but you don't your being really immature. Don't break up with someone unless your atcually serious about never wanting to be with them again because its pathetic and childish. As a girlfriend your suppous to be there for him during his rough time just understand his tired. I think you should apologize for being so selfish and immature and instead of going against him work with him. Its only temporarily you shouldn't be acting like a drama queen over it. Bring him coffee to help him study and tell him your there for him. He will fond a lot more respect for you and he will feel like you deserve to find time for.

    • I broke up with him because he doesn't give me much time anymore when I'm giving him a lot. He did something which I found out he cheated a year ago and wanting him to explain but he just said it was a year ago. I know I deserve his time like I'm giving to him which he even alwaya asking for goodmorning messages. I am in college too and I am taking a course that is way harder than his but I make sure I give him my time. andd fyi I was always the one going back to him when I know I did something wro

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  • If you're feeling like breaking up, just do it... if he really cares this will be an ultimatum.. But If you really care about the realtionship give it some time... let yourself and him think about it. Just let things flow, just be though on him for a while and don't be soft untill you're sure bout it...

    It may be hard but if he really cares, this will show the truth and he will cherish you way more.

    • When I tried to get back to.him he broke up with me. Will he still go back?

    • Girl I'm no expert, I just broke up 4 year relationship about 6 or 7 months, who gives a f***... its been hard, but because of that I've never been in the shape I am, I'm just ready to love a girl and give her my best. She has not come though, and I'm not cocky or anything I'm just myself. So be the same.. let things flow... If you're uncertain of the relationship, pause it... it may be for the better of you two by reuniting or separating.. who knows, just do things right.

  • The first break up was OK. It was enough to wake him up if needed.

    But when "it's over, I break up" became as usual as "pass me the salt" while dining, it got old very quick.

    Now he must think you are a psycho or something and won't get back to you.

    Move on, and next time in a relationship, learn there are emotions available between "i love you" and "it's over".

    • The first break up didn't even wake him up. When we talked it feels like it was my fault. He's making me feel that way

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  • Ok if your boyfriend is doing things like cheating a year ago and your just finding out about it now and he won't explain seriously maybe your suppous to be broken up. If he actually makes you feel like sh*t why do you wanna go back with him? You can and you will find better. Stop chasing what use ld to be he's not that guy anymore and maybe he never was seeing as he cheated on you. Its better off that way. I think he's thinks he can get you when ever he wants because you always go back to him. I can assure you he will be back. But you shouldn't let him come back. I know break UPS are hard trust me I lve been through it. Right now it will seem like the end of the world. But soon your gonna meet a guy and your gonna think ik glad I'm not with my ex anymore because I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to meet such a wonderful guy. Know what you deserve don't let him take you for granted.

    • Maybe because this is how girls feel when a man they truly love dumped them. I'm sorry to hear that you've been in the situation like I do now. Thank you for your encouragement. I really do appreciate it. I hope I have the courage not to get accept him when he gets back

  • Why would you want to talk to him? Both of you are incredibly flaky. If you ever got back together, it would be over within a few weeks again. Just move on.

  • Before talking to him, think well what you are going to say.

    You need to change your behavior , because even if he is back, the next time you have some serious fight you will act the similar way as before.

    If he is tired because of his work, then you need to understand him, you need to tell him how you feel and if he cares he will try to give you more attention.

    You take the relationship as a game, but it doesn't have to be like this.

    You only say you want a break up when you really want it, not to manipulate.

    My advice is to calm down, analyze your and his behavior , read some psychological books etc...And if you are sure that you can act differently than before, talk to him, but don't use your emotions too much in this conversation.