Is he interested or not?

I was on a 4th meeting with a guy, everything went OK, he proposed during it next meeting for a coffee. I agreed, and in the end of date he suggested that we can meet in the following week and he was supposed to let me know to fix the specific date. But since our goodbye I have no sign from him at all (it is a week now)..also he promised me to send some pictures of me he took that day (I was also wondering why he did that) and he didn't send me anything..

I can't understand this way of behaving- why he said these things when he didn't meant it at all..because I am sure he had in this week time to at least send one or 2 photos of doesn't require so much time..

What do you think about it?


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  • Yeah I think he is. Give him a shot and try to be extra nice to him and see what happens. Hope this advice helped a little bit. :)


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