Online dating man won't go away. What should I do?


I have been chit chatting via text and 25% percent of the time by phone with this guy from another state. He is in his 40's and seems to be pretty decent... He works two jobs, goes to church, and pleasant. However, I made it clear on my profile that I am not seeking anything serious with anyone who lives in another state. I am searching for someone in a close proximity. He has been texting me a lot more lately that since I have been showing very LESS attention, and I tried to just simply ignore him or give him short answers, hoping that he would go away or get an idea that I am not really interested in taking things further, yet, he continues to text, "good morning"..."want to hold you close...goodnight" then he'll get irritated by me not reciprocating the word babe or comforting him. Sometimes he might even get sarcastic and purposely tries to get a reaction out of me, but I ignore all of that... All of these gestures are very sweet and should be going to someone who deserves it, in his town...At times, I think that he is married because of the pattern he chooses to contact me...Sometimes very late at night to SUNrise in the early mornings... I want to tell him AGAIN that friendship is all that I am looking for when it comes to someone in another state. How should I say it w/o sounding like a heartless b*t*h?

TYPO: " He has been texting me a lot more lately "SINCE" I have been showing very LESS attention, and I tried to just simply ignore him or give him short"


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  • I don't think even a friendship is going to be possible with this guy. Setting boundaries isn't being a heartless b!tch. You made your interests clear; he is the one over-stepping them.

    Tell him point-blank that you aren't interested, won't be replying to any more texts, and wish him the best. Then go No Contact.


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  • since he's in another state I'm sure he'll move on once he realizes your not interested , maybe you have to be a bit clear what you want or just ignore him sometimes if your not feeling like talking to him . I'm sure he must have other people to talk to if he's active on online dating sites

  • Block him.

  • You are already sounding like a heartless bitch by answering him.

    At the moment, he must be thinking you are playing hard to get or something, or he's just plain psycho.

    So be a strong girl, tell him you aren't interested, wish him luck, and finish by telling him you won't reply to him anymore. And do it.


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