What do guys consider coming on to strong? What do girls do that you think is "creepy"?

In this day and age of texting and email, communication is more accessible, but less personal. We all expect immediate answers that hour, let alone that day, and if we don't get it, we think something is wrong.

Or, if we get too many texts in a row, we might get creeped out. As a woman, if I get a text from a guy, I don't answer immediately, and I get a second text that evening, I generally just think he is very interested and I'm actually flattered. I don't think he's creepy until I start getting weird messages, or asking me to take pictures of myself and send them to him--which yes, has happened to me.

So when does being flattered cross the line into creepy for guys? Can a woman initiate light banter and texting with a guy every few days if he doesn't? Is it okay for her to follow-up with a 'How was your weekend" text, even if the last time they text he did not respond to her last text? I always think that my text conversation has to go Me, Him, Me, Him, Me, Him, Me, Him etc... Is that really true?


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  • not really but it shouldn't be that you won't talk to him for days if you don't text him.

    • Very true. But we've only been on one date less than a week ago. The date went really well, and I'm just trying to play my cards right. In my experience, guys like me once we get to the stage of dating, but weren't the ones to necessarily pursue me in the beginning.

    • they should be pursuing for a second date.