Guys, what do you think about this situation? Date with okcupid guy.

So I went on a date on Wednesday with a guy I met on okcupid. We talked and were out for about 3 and a half hours. I thought it went well and we had a lot in common. At the end of the date he walked me to the train and gave me a hug goodbye. As he was leaning in for the hug, he turned his head to give me a kiss on the lips, but my head was already semi-turning for the hug so it landed half on my cheek. It was awkward. As I was walking away I told him to let me know if he wanted to meet at this music festival we were both going to be at on Sunday. Sunday came and I texted him asking if he wanted to meet up at the festival. I haven't heard back from him since Wednesday, and I definitely thought he was interested so I'm confused. What do you all think?

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  • Personally, its a common mistake. That first date hug or kiss moment. He is probably embarrassed about going for that kiss and it not working well for the both of you. I would let him know that if he is embarrassed that he shouldn't be. Also don't text to much! I had a bad habit of if my guy didn't text back I would keep texting. It makes you look needy and that is definitely NOT the vibe you want to send him. Oh, and I feel horrible saying this because I know I wouldn't want to here it but, there is also that slim possibility that he just didn't feel it. If that is the case, don't stress it! You need to text or meet up with him and discuss if you want to pursue seeing each other or if he didn't want the relationship anyway so that you can move on to bigger and better things! I hope this helps you somehow! :)


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  • I think he's into you. Maybe he's a bit shy though. But I don't see your problem? He wanted to kiss you, but he didn't manage to do it and he felt shy afterwards.

    • Well I'm just wondering if he's interested or not. I thought a kiss usually meant that a guy was interested, but since I haven't heard from him since the date I'm really not sure now...

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    • Hmm sad to hear this. :/ I still wouldn't give it up till he says a definite "no". :) Call him if nothing else. One unanswered message doesn't mean it's the end. Maybe he just forgot to answer.

    • OR he's out of money on his cell :))))

  • Pursue him, but not like the desperate girl you are'nt


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  • Strange one. I shouldn't worry about the kiss or cheek kiss (I know what you mean I have had a lot of those ha ha), just because it didn't quite go as planned doesn't mean that would have out him off. You text him and showed him you liked him. I would give it a few more days, maybe something has happened. If he doesn't contact you, just be outright with him, you deserve to know what has happened because he has just left you in the dark. Simply ask, do you want to see me again?

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