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It seems so easy for other people to date, but I feel depressed about my dating life. Advice?

Okay, so I don't want to sound like a whiny little beta, but recently it's dawned on me that I'm 25 and my dating life sucks. I haven't been on a date for years, I haven't had sex for 2 years, and life in general sucks because of this.

I see other guys who are younger (and sometimes older) who are able to date, yet I never am able to. I guess I keep putting barriers up and being insecure about things.

It's little things like "my job isn't great, will she care" or just stupid things that I shouldn't use as excuses. A couple of weeks ago when It was lovely and warm, I had 3 girls walking past me in the street who gave me strong eye contact in the space of 2 days.

One of the girls actually smiled at me for goodness sake, yet I too slow to approach and kept walking. then another girl walked past me and gave me eye contact, yet again, I didn't follow it up. Actually, another 2 as well who gave me strong eye contact, yet I just didn't have the balls to approach.

It really grates on me. I could have possibly got 3-4 dates or at least numbers there, but I was too chicken to approach and say a simple "hi, what's your name?" It really irritates me how ridiculously dumb I am around women. Oh, not to mention a girl in the shoe shop who pretty much said she wanted to make new friends, yet I never thought to get her number or invite her out.

Not to mention, 5/6 years ago I was going out and girls were always paying me attention, yet still I never anything with 99% of these girls. The only time I ever got laid was because of pure luck and the girls initiating on their part.

I really beat myself up for all the missed opportunities in my past and recently.

Any advice? girls, guy, it doesn't matter, as long as you have good advice.
It seems so easy for other people to date, but I feel depressed about my dating life. Advice?
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