Hispanic men, do you like black girls?

Are there any Mexican's or Black's, Latino's or white's girls or guys- know why Hispanic like kissing. I mean I dated this Hispanic guy and he always wanted to kiss on me I'm black I was never the type of girl that was down with kissing on guys. And I have asked him why he like kissing and he said it was fun, and he liked it, and thought it was hot, and sexy, and passion. But I feel like he it could have been another reason why he wanted to kiss me so much guys (hint), (hint). I mean do anyone knows why Hispanic man like to kiss there girlfriend or girls so much and are Hispanic guys into black girls or just the outlook on her body and any time I see him he still wants to kiss me and were not even together? thanks! :)-

And also I he was a very Good kisser he took his time and Knew what He was Doing, at times I would Feel Wired when this took place but after a while I got use to it.


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  • Im Mexican and I've been attracted to black girls. Hate to brake to you, certain Latin cultures aren't exactly cool with black people (racist). Mexican people for one. By Mexican, I mean someone that is pretty much a Mexican national. As they're kids grow up here in the US it's more common to see them leave this way of thinking behind. Not sure where this stems from honestly. I'm in SoCal so it's actually really common to see this type of interracial couple here.

    • Well that good to know, I mean I never came across any Mexican's that dislike me or said anything bad to me or behind my back. Most of my friend's I have can speak Spanish- Now! but there are some girls I do come across that may give me dirty looks or say something. I know a little but of (Spanish) so sometimes it's funny to know me b,c I know what they said lol. But no I was questions about the kissing thing or have you or do you kiss a lot?

    • I enjoy kissing but that's dependent on the person not the ethnicity.

    • Oh ok

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