This girl is being so flaky and annoying!!!..why? and what should I do?

ok ladies...i like this girl and I've being making the effort to hang out with her. I can't really tell if she likes me but I think she does from some signs I see. we hang out all the time in school. all the time I've tried to hang out outside of school with her, she bails out (that's how I feel). for the past week, she was talking about taking the same classes with me so we set up a time to meet today in school. we did meet and all and we hung out. she is leaving next week wednesday so she said we should hang out sometime before she lives. I told her I would stop by her house today sometime before seven and she said okay. I got to her house and I knocked, no one answered. as I was living, I saw her backyard and she was there siting down and she was talking on the phone so I figured that was why she couldn't here the knock. I called her name but she couldn't hear me so I went back and knocked on the door then someone else answered and asked for my name and then I told the person I was looking for (name). the she was like " hold on let me check what she is doing" then later on the same person came back and was like " em..she is kinda studying for finals right now and she doesn't want to be disturbed" or something like that. I was so mad. I just said "okay thanks" and I left. she could not even come herself and tell me she was busy and she wasn't even studying when I saw her outside. I was so shocked she would do something like that to me because at school we are so into each other...people even thought we were a couple at school.


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  • hm. well from what you're saying, it sems as though A) she doesn't like you OR B) she's trying to mess with your head

    but if I were you I would talk to her privately. try saying something like "(name), I don't know if you've noticed but I like you. Telling you how I really feel isn't the easiest thing and you make it 10 times ahrder by ignoring me, lying to me, and leading me on. Are you trying to mess with my head for some kind of experiment? If you are, then its working. If you didn't want to hang out/be friends you should've said something in the first place..."

    idk, something like that. but if you do say that, you have to have confidence, because if she ends up confessing to not liking you than you'll need that confidence to help with te rejection. if she does reject you, DONT be sad. obviously there's someone better out there for you. I hopethis helps. if it doesn't than I'm sorry. :) GOOD LUCK!

    • But why would she be tryin to mess with my head though?? I don't get it...all my friends tells me that she likes me and even my teachers tell me that the way we act arround each other is so cute. and for the most part, she is always the one who askes me to do something with her outside of school ya know so that's why I am so shocked she pulled of something like this

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    • I want to talk to her but I am so angry right now. we are suppose to meet up today again at school. she told me to go with her to see an advisor in school before that annoying incident happened. but now, I think I will just tell her I'm not going with her anymore and just go home and just not talk to her.

    • shpuld do that. then she'll be a little puzzled at why you decided not to go and she'll want to talk to you abput it. if this happens you can finally tell her how you feel and all that good stuff. but just follow your heart and do what feels right

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  • I think that is pretty wrong either way.

    Maybe you might be picking up the wrong signals though. She could be just being friendly to you at school and you could be taking it the wrong way.

    But then again it could be the other way around. Maybe she is sending you those signals because she does like you but she is just shy or something like that. So you never really know. But good luck.

    You should try talking to her to see what was up with her not hanging out with you when you went to her house. She could have really been studying just on a break or on an important phone call. You never really know until you ask her. Good luck.

    • Yeah you may be right. I just think she likes me because all my friends tells me she does and I am the only person she likes to hang out with in school for the most part. you know if she didn't like me, I think she would have made it know because there was another guy who gave her his number and wen he left, she trew it in the trash. wit me, I asked her to a basketball game and she gave me her number without me askin her

    • Hmmm I can undestand wer year coming frm maybe she probly is givin you mix signals.

      if I was you I get her on her own an jus talk things through about what happend.. maybe deep down she does like you and doest want to feel llike an idoit jus hang in der things wil get betta in end rember wot you told me Commiunication is the key.

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  • If this happened to me, Id stop making any effort with her, I tend to only put myself out there once, maybe twice if after that she's making no effort, I forget her. She can then either make a real effort with me for F***ing me around or she can make no effort and that's it. If you keep making 100% of the effort and she's making none, Your setting youself up to be a doormatt. PLEASE don't let that happen! I've seen too many of my friends fall into that trap, Its painful to watch or hear about.