Why does she keep texting me when she has a boyfriend?

Contacted my ex. We talk and everything's cool. I thought the conversation was boring and the thrill was gone so I didn't text her again. over a week passes she texts me. once again we have a short convo. Few more days and she texts me again this time I decided to ask her out the situation was to perfect not too. She agrees. When I throw out a time she mentions she has to work which was not a problem so I asked what worked for her she said she would check the schedule and then the conversation shifts to...surprise her current boyfriend that I knew nothing about. What I want to know is 1. why is she texting me if she has a boyfriend and 2. Why would she wait till after she agrees (very excitedly btw) to go out on a date to tell me about her boyfriend. I guess I should add this isn't the first time she's avoided mentioning her current boyfriend in fact she did it when I first met her, she did it (different guy) right after we started dating (I had left for college and had no idea) and once after we broke up. So this would be the fourth time she's done this. But she kept going on about how she was gonna break up with him because he's an ass but at the same time she would say stuff like but he's a phenomenal person...but he's an ass. I don't understand and honestly I don't want to deal with her anymore but I just want to know what's going through her mind and why does she keep doing this.

I guess I should add that we have always had a very physical relationship with each other and most of our disagreements occurred because one of us doesn't see a future with the other. We go back and forth sometimes I want more and she doesn't other times she wants more and I don't. I left all of this out because I just wanted to know why she always hides her boyfriends from me instead of just telling me right away. I don't like being a homewrecker.


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  • You sound like the filler guy. She comes to you whenever she's getting out of a relationship because she knows you'll be there. She's so insecure about herself that she can't be single. Do yourself a favor and block her from your phone and social media. Don't play her games anymore.


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  • You need to assert yourself in a positive way. Tell her you do not want this kind of situation. Explain that you are tired of being in the friend zone and you want to end the relationship. You also need to be firm about ending it. Don't answer any communications with her.

    • Oh no I'm not in the friend zone. We dated for awhile and done way to much stuff to be considered just friends. We had a pregnancy scare at one point. The third time we broke up was over a fight that started because she gave me an STI. we're definitely not in the friend zone. I just want to know why she never tries to date me when she's single. It always feels like she's on the tail end of some relationship and starts coming to me to get out of it. And I don't understand why she's doing it.

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