Would a guy be really nice to you/take you on dates days before breaking up with you?

This guy has been SO wonderful to me. Dating for three months.

Hes going on a camping trip next week.

As usual we spent all Fri and Sat together, all dates at his initiation.

And got toegether Mon night since he was going to be gone the next 2 weekends. He acted normal on the dates, real loving and affectionate. Kept on telling me about events he put on his calander for next year and would I be free to go.

He has the one to contact me the entire time we've been dating.

I Haven't initiated anything. He told me he would be really busy getting ready for the trip.

But he went from not calling everyday to not calling at all.

My main question is, if he was trying to break it off with me would he have gone out that much last week with me and been that nice to me and paid for everything

guys have you done this?

what throws me off is his talking of a bunch of things he had marked on his calender and showed them all to me and asked if I was able to go with him.


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  • We would need a real timeline to even begin to answer this question.

    • everything has been wonderful for the past three months. a lot of fun dates and getting to know each other. He has treated me wonderfully. Last Mon. wenhen he told me he was going on his trip, told me was going to be busy. getting ready for it, just hasn't called me since then and he's been calling pretty much every day

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    • you were right on, I was overreacting he texted me so you get BA


    • I'm happy it ended well for you! :D

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  • Have you ever considered that you can call him too ?

    As you said, he does every single contact. You don't seem to reciprocate a lot.

    You should better wonder if YOU are trying to break up with him.

    Because he must feel he's not that important to you, if you never initiate anything.

    • I realize what you are saying, I told him I know he is busy and he understands why I want him to do it. Don't think that is the problem. I have gone out on all the dates he has asked me for and I answer all the calls he makes right away. He rknows I appreciate him I tell him all the time.

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