Guys what turns you on or off about a woman?

Some examples: Are cleavage pics on fb a turn on or off, WHY? Would you rather a woman who wants to be a stay at home mom or one that is ambitious about her career? Texts you all day or one text a day? A twig with no boobs or slightly overweight with big boobs? Has lots of pets or no pets? A woman that likes to read or watch tv? Goes out all the time or stays in with you? A woman who has children, doesn't have children OR a woman who never wants children?

Please add any other insight you have.


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  • Love cleavage pics, mostly because I love big, attractive breasts. I don't mind stay-at-home or career, so long as she still has time for me. Once a day text is better than all day long. I'd prefer a twig WITH boobs! ;-) No pets or one dog. Reader versus tv. A mix of going out and staying in with me. NO kids but could want them.

    Fun question!


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  • The concept of seeding women is very hot.

    The concept of dealing with the women you seed is very not.

  • Turn on

    Woman who stays at home

    Texts a few times a day

    Twig with no boobs

    No pets

    Either reading or TV is fine

    Goes out the same as me

    No children and doesn't want any more (since I'd be bringing my two to the table)

  • - Neediness

    - Being into popular culture

    - Lack of ambition

    - Low self-esteem/confidence

    - Lack of goals/ambition

    - Has children (I don't like them)

    - Small boobs (I like large ones, if that makes me unPC, so be it)

    - Has a sh*tty job, and does nothing to better herself (I value advancement, so go and flame me, I don't care lol.)

  • neediness is a no no. That leads to jealousy and that's also a no no. To much make up is a turn off. Slightly overweight with big boobs yes is a turn on. What's the point to have a woman that is a bout to break and you have nothing to grab? She needs to have a great ass though. She must love pets. And finally she needs to be submissive in bed and be open to experiment on new things!

  • LOL don't even get into Facebook. So many women say they HATE seeing muscular guys with ripped desireable bodies taking bare torso pics.

  • Turn Off

    Drama queen attitude.

    Self-important arrogance.

    Playing games, definitely.


    Turn On

    A nice



    Great cook


    Beautiful eyes

    Amazing hair

    Loves sex


  • you had me at cleavage pics! :)

  • Cleavage pics on fb - turn on, why? - i like it
    Woman - ambitious about her career
    Texts you all day
    slightly overweight with big boobs
    no pets
    likes to read
    stays in with you
    doesn't have children
    other insight - i like your profile pic on gag

  • Promiscuous behavior is the biggest turn off to me. I guess being too ambitious about her career is a turn off as well. I think there's a fine line where it's okay and being over done. Being a single mom is a turn off as well. The rest that you mentioned I'm ambivalent to.

    Turn ons would be if she was decent looking, actually cared about me, and classy, which I alluded to above.

  • Cruelty. Ignorance. Malice. Bigotry. And craziness, obviously.

    When it comes to the physical, very little is a "turn off" per se. Obesity is about the only one I can think of. It's just that they may not have whatever it is that turns me *on*.

    I prefer smaller boobs, for example. If a girl has large boobs, I'm not going to be turned off by them. They just won't do anything for me. Same with short legs. I like 'em long, they'll turn me on. But if they're short, they won't turn me off. They just won't turn me on.

    In my opinion, women worry more about their physical attributes than men do. Men will care far more about intangibles. It's women who worry about things like eyelashes, split ends, nipple size, stretch marks, cellulite, calves, ankles, and nails. Guys (so far as I know) have never noticed or cared about such trivialities.


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  • Turn ons: Decent hygiene, if she can play an instrument/sing, tattoos/piercings, vegan (or at least wouldn't mind me cooking her vegan food), if she has a soft voice, likes animals (or at least can tolerate living with them), nice hair, and if she didn't mind my sense humor.

    Turn offs: Whining (if she just goes on and on about a problem, ugh), some girls have these laughs/voices that makes me want to stab them in the throat, and if she smells bad and/or has dirty hair.

    The turn ons aren't 100% (except the hygiene, her voice, and liking animals).

    The turn offs would be 100% non negotiable.

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