I'm not attracted to her physically but she really likes me. Should I just go on the date anyway?

Ok, this might sound quite bad but I approached this girl as a kind of confidence booster, told her she looked nice and she was smiling through the interaction and laughing loads, but I felt bad so invited her on a date. I'm meant to be meeting her tomorrow and not sure what to do. She is slim and geeky type, so not the type I go for, but I feel bad in myself for leading her on so should I just go on the date and see what happens. I think she's quite clingy and available as we've only know each other for a few days and she keeps texting asking how I am and that I seem really nice, and that she can't wait to for our date. She said in her texts she rarely goes on dates And she's excited for our's. How can I turn this girl down after that?


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  • if you don't have to see her after the date I'd just let her down easy afterward. maybe just explain that you don't feel the connection, spark, chemistry etc. I understand the poster's point that you should do it before but I doubt she'll be any more heart broken if you do it after the date than before.

    but I do think you could really crush her self esteem if you essentially let on that you asked her out for some pity thing. I mean she may be hard up for dates and then finding out some dude pitied her and asked her otu may just make her feel really disheartened. at least after the date if you make it cler that it isn't that she isn't nice but the connection just isn't there at least she doesn't have to feel like some charity case.

    that's my opinion anyway


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  • I don't understand why you would even approach her as a confidence booster in the first place. You'd better turn her down right now rather than hurt her even more later. Please don't play with other people's feelings if you don't wanna get played. Karma does exist.

    • Agreed, except on the karma thing.

    • Not disagreeing, but she seems like she has a nice personality, although I'm not sure I could date her. I'm actually considering seeing what she's like and maybe dating her if she's decent enough, but I'm thinking this is just because I'm looking for a girl and she's like a last resort. Again, that sounds terrible, but it seems to be the truth.

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  • You should better cancel the date now, instead of turning her down afterward.

    You might think it will hurt her a lot now, but it will be nothing compared to what she will feel if you do it during or after the date.

  • How do you know this girl? School, work? Do you see her often?