Great first date and now nothing - confused

Had a great first date two days ago. Really great. We really hit it off. Kiss on cheek goodnight...was sweet. He texted me after saying he had such a wonderful time and could've hung out with me for hours. I made it clear that I had just as good a time. But since then...nothing. We met online and when I checked my email yesterday and today (checked 3 times total), he was online. Which is obviously am I. But I am confused that I haven't heard from him since the date. I kinda got excited by him...we really hit it off. Should I assume he's not interested?


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  • You should text him. I went through that recently too. Got so bothered about it, I was driving my friends nuts. Turns out he was pretty ill and was drugged with meds. You'll never know. There's no harm making the first move at times.

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