Am I overanalyzing this texting exchange?

I think ahead a lot... Met a guy and we texted a bit but we both ended up busy and he just stopped on his end, then he started texting me randomly again a month later which was great because I really liked him when I met him. And for the most part he would text me every day and he always answers if I do text him or he will just restart a conversation if he goes MIA for a bit but I only texted him once this week and we were planning another date... could he just be busy or am I getting played?


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  • Sounds like he could be a guy who keeps his options open, I have several friends who text a lot of girls at once and fit plans around them at different intervals, they keep tabs, but usually focus on just one girl before switching. I don't see many other valid reasons as to why a guy would take big gaps and not explain his reasons unless his reason is he's looking at other options. Like if I fail to reply and I have a genuine reason like I've been busy or I've been working or whatever, I'll tell the person that. I don't just reappear and act like nothing happened. At the same time, it would be easy to lie and just say those things.

    • We both are busy though, he never texts me during the day when he's at work and the thing was that he doesn't consider me like other girls is what he told me when we went to dinner once... But he lives 3 hours away and doesn't have a car so when he does see me, I mean he has to make an effort, don't you think? He's in the air force, BTW

    • Military jobs are horrible to text people from, I never had the time during the working hours, meh that 'your not like other girls' is such a line... It could be genuine but way too many guys tell that to every girl. And I hate to be a complete downer about it, but the amount of guys who cheat in jobs like that is unbelievable, about 99 percent of the guys I worked with cheated on their other halves... I could not believe it. I guess, I felt like I had to make the most of my time off work.

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