Whats his problem ?

He started dropping hints of flirtation when he was with someone. He played mind games for two years. I initially rejected him...he became obsessed with me...he started changing himself to suit the type of guy I like (while he was with a gf)...I eventually responded 'sort of' and hinted that he should break up with his girlfriend. He didn't. We're in different countries..

1. he hasn't asked me out

2. he gets jealous

3. he has purposely tried to make me jealous

why bother flirting and starting stuff if he didn't intend to date in the end...why does he care if I am dating ? the heck ? last I heard he was hanging out with his ex and some new chick...why lead me on and then still want my attention ? what his problem ?

he ignored me for 9 months and counting...bt all of a sudden wants my attention when I hinted that I started dating someone.


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  • he probally is a person that is only attracted the kind of girl/woman that is not available

    if would be in that situation I would say loud and clear

    no I am not interested anymore

    i think you should say to him

    stop talking to me I don't want be involved with anything with you

    i hope this helps


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  • It doesn't sound good,and it sounds like he is playing games.

    You can do without it.If you did get involved with him,he would still be playing games (not the games you would like).

  • just do your thing and let him do his thing, but don't let his thing be yours. :-)

    you should continue to date the persons you like and ignore him if he tries to manipulate you.

    • why would he try to get my attention..when clearly, he is not willing to ask me out. why bother ?

  • Some games are only played by one willing person.

  • You live in different countries...

  • You... live... in... different... countries...

    Enough said.


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