f*** buddy gets annoyed when I laugh or joke with him.. wtf

I randomly text f*** buddy an said "Lol your such a slut! I can't believe the way you talk to me! wheres your manners ! Haha"

An he said huh.. you must be talking to someone else.. at least I hope So..

I said no I'm talking to you lol

He said why you call me a slut..

I said I was just joking I wanted to be funny and random lol

he said that's not funny

I said I can't even joke with you? I was just kidding..

he said I just don't like that s***I'll text you later I'm watching a movie

He also got mad before too when I was Laughlin about somethin.. it was more of a giggke forreal . But he said " its not all that funny"

An it totally killed the mood for me but I was already at his house an just had sex anyways .. but he don't like to joke around with me at all..

But he jokes and plays with everyone else.. but he can't play around with a f*** buddy? That's what it seems like.. its like its Because I'm his sexual partner he won't play.. but with friends and family he's silly.. wtf why is it different with me ?

Laughing **

Giggle **
He got pissed when I was being nice to him but I decided to ignore him for a while Because he just pissed me off .. and he Txt me and I decided it was gonna tell him how I felt and he dealt with my bitchiness like a champ.. but as soon as I was nice to him again he became a d*** lol so confused its like the opposite thing happens with him what's the deal with that ? O.o I'm confused even typing this out makes no sense Because how crazy it is ...
PS.. he took my virginity.. js.. not a slut by any means.. guess I'm hold in onto him Because I don't want to ever have sex with anyone else unless I'm actually in love with that other person.. I kinda messed up by let tin him sweet talk me out of it.. but than again I'm 22


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  • You are there to spread your legs for him. Not to be his texting buddy.

    • Guess that's true.. but hurts Because he took my virginity

    • Maybe you should have picked a better relationship than FWB for your first one. There's a life lesson here.

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  • I guess you have to learn the difference between a teasing behavior and a plainly disrespectful one.

    But I suppose it's part of wanting a f***buddy and not a relationship.

    • Forreal.. ? I mean no bullsh*t or joking allowed ? Where's the fun in that? I seriously don't see how whati said was bad.. I just think some people don't have a sense of humor at all.. and I do want a relationship.. just so happens he don't and it just turned out that way..

    • Sense of humour is a good thing. But that's the problem with just having a f***buddy and not a boyfriend : you don't feel the need to make the efforts to know him better, to know what's OK and what's off-limits. So you might think it was funny, he found it to be degrading. I don't get why it's so difficult to understand.

    • @ last update : he doesn't want a relationship, so he prefers to have to deal with a bitch, and to keep you away.

      I feel your thing is a complete nonsense. Why don't you try to find someone who will want a relationship, instead of doing whatever with him, and him with you ?

  • Girls are of such low quality at this point and then act like they are not.

    You're p**** to him. That's all. He doesn't want to be a friend or anything.

  • Hummmmmm... calling someone a slut.

    Pot meet kettle

    • Very untrue.. I was a virgin until him.. Soooo burnnnn ;) forreal

    • Yeaahhhhhhh, so muuuuuuccccchhhhh burn ...ooouuuccchhh!

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  • I don't think it's because you're his FWB, I think he just doesn't really have the same sense of humour as you. What you seem to consider a joke, he found offensive and unnecessary. I think you just need to get a better sense of what he finds humorous.

    • @update: ignore the people who call you a slut or insinuate that you are one. You're more than capable of entering and defining your relationships, and their judgment is unnecessary.

      It seems like you may want more from this guy though? Even if you don't have feelings for him, you should both be respectful towards one another. Maybe you should assess whether or not you really want this FWB situation with him. It's not for the light hearted. I've found that I'm not very good at it.

  • I guess he just doesn't appreciate being called a slut.

    • Ok lol but its a joke.. I just never seen someone who gets that serious bout a obvious joke I don't know maybe I'm the crazy one haha

    • yeah but you know how jokes could get a little too far sometimes? Part of joking is understanding that the other person might not take your joke the way you meant it. And honestly, I don't know a guy who enjoys being called a slut.