Indirect rejection? Totally confused by her action. Please help, much appreciated. Thanks

During my post-college DND 2013 last month, I get to know one of my junior. We exchanged contacts and have being texting each other on daily basis. We exchanged flirting text, containing emotion-icons such as winks, kisses and more.

Last week, our conversation topic leveraged towards our private life. She enquired about my previous relationship and asked if I was given an opportunity, would I reconcile. I provided her the “NO” reply. She briefed more about herself, stating that she will leave everything to fate but she is ready for a relationship.

On several occasions, she would proactively message me whenever I did not text her. I have seized the right opportunity to invite her out next week and she acknowledged.

She claimed that we are friends and should get to know each other before leveraging our status, I acknowledged. Lately, she started to bring out stuff such as guys approaching her for number or telling her she’s pretty and etc. I was pretty agitated and quoted the friend status she claimed. I gave her cold shoulder and shortly she told me that I am a confusing guy, to add-on she mentioned it is hard to understand her, her personality traits can often confuse partners in early stages of a relationship and she is very cautious and not to rush in anything.

I am pretty confused by her action. Is she giving me an indirect rejection? Am I misinterpreting her actions (she’s interested)?


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  • i don't think she is rejecting you. I think by talking about other guys she was trying to just sort of show that she has pursuers and possibly make you feel like you may need to pursue harder.

    but I think her saying that you two should get to know each other better is a great sign that she is into and wants to further your platonic relationship towards a romantic relationship. but she is clearly stating that she takes things slow and is cautious so don't expect her to very quickly be ready to make out or something


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  • if you can figure out what girls like this are thinking you are doing better than me . its not clear if she is interested or not based on her actions , she also hasn't made it clear that is rejecting you or not . I'd say there is still some potential here but its very unclear what she wants , so maybe keep in contact with her and see if things goes anywhere